Eva Lachur-Omeljaniuk Opening Reception Pine Gallery

Eva Lachur Omeljaniuk, who was born in Katowice, Poland, was raised in a stimulating artistic environment and began painting and drawing at an early age. She studied at an art school in Poland and with her father, renowned artist Zdzislaw Lachur. Subsequent study included private instruction under Maciej Lachur and Professor Boleslaw Stawinski, co-founder of the “Krakow Group” of the 1930s.

In 1981, she came to America with her husband and two sons and became a U.S. citizen. Her continuing goal in art was to show her concern about the world and its people. Through symbolic expression, she says, we can show the truths of the world.

When we show the beauty of a landscape, she explains, we can symbolize the loss of nature. When we show the horrors of civilization, we can symbolize the beauty of hope. In order to symbolize these ideal forms, she chose to use the coarse, yet flowing, technique of tempera. She hopes to capture those perfect inexpressible forms of the world around and within us. Currently, her paintings are under contract with Chamot Gallery.

Eva also has a passion for costume designs. She has designed and built hundreds of costume pieces for many performances of the Actors Shakespeare Company, a non-profit ensemble theater. She has received the “New Jersey ‘Tony Award’ for Best Costumes – 2008 ” for the The Merchant of Venice.
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